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Climbing Snowdon raising funds
Climbing Snowdon raising funds

The Shannon Bradshaw Trust. teamed up to climb mount Snowdon in September 2018 to raise funds to help poorly children in the Warrington Area…. it was a gruelling climb but well rewarding.

We finished the weekend with a fantastic auction at the black horse in Sankey… and raised over £2000.

A helping Hand

Two of the little children we are helping at the moment, Bobby Brown received a cheque for £1000 for his trip to America for further eye treatment.

And Little Leon Hoey also received a cheque for £1000 to help build his Hydro Pool to help him with his Cerebal Palsy.

Hoops and dreams for Theo after charity wheelchair donation
Hoops and dreams for Theo after charity wheelchair donation

A POTENTIAL basketball star received the perfect Christmas gift thanks to The Shannon Bradshaw Trust.

Theo Higham took up the sport after being diagnosed with a genetic condition so rare it has not even been given a proper name yet.

The 11-year-old, from Fearnhead, can walk but the strain of muscular dystrophy he has, known as MDC1A, means he has always struggled to play sport until he discovered wheelchair basketball with the Widnes Vikings.

After progressing quickly since starting in October last year, Theo reached the point he needed his own specially adapted sports chair.

But at a cost of £1,800, his family needed help fulfilling his Christmas wish.

Mum Emma Wordsworth-Higham said: “He was getting picked for the team so he needed to get his own chair but we found they were really expensive.

“Some of the other parents at the club suggested seeing if a charity could help so we wrote to Patti at the Shannon Bradshaw Trust to see if there was anything she could do.

“We were made up when she came back to us to say they could buy one for us.”

Patti Bradshaw, from The Shannon Bradshaw Trust which supports children with life-threatening conditions and their families, said they were delighted to help.

Caravan re-Treat

Paddy and friends outside the new caravan in Blackpool

Charmaine and her Lovely Family were the first family able to enjoy a weeks break in our New Caravan re-Treat

Princess Krystal

The Trust  has taken Princess Krystal to their heart!! Krystal was diagnosed with lip cancer ealier this summer, she has been thru an awful lot these past few months, so when we heard how much she loved Pepper Pig we went out and got her some lovely presents… we will also be making arrangements to send her and her family to Pepper pig world when she is feeling better.

1Direction Surprise

A lovely surprise visit for Lilly May Skidmore when she went to see her favorite band 1Direction.

New Pushchair for Dominik

The Trust has been delighted to have been able to purchase a Special New Pushchair for Little 2 yr old Dominik from Warrington. His parents Eli and Monica were over the moon as now they can enjoy going out shopping and for days out

I-Pad for little Ellie

Little 5yr old Ellie has a condition called Macrocephaly Capillary Malformation (M-cm)

She was born with Vascular birthmark and Large head, and larger down one side of her body.

We bought Ellie the I-Pad to help monitor her breathing, and she will be given a monitor from the hospital that plugs into the I-Pad, Ellie very often stops breathing in the night and the monitor will sound off an alarm if this happens which will then be heard by her family.

A life saving device.

New Chair for Skye

We had great pleasure in delivering a new car seat for little 6yr old Skye, Skye has Cancer and has been thru an awful lot lately, But she was so happy with her new seat and could wait to go out in the car to try it out.

She was also over the moon with her new Kermit, who she has named ‘Froggy’

Letter from Family

Chairman Green

Hey Shannon,

You don’t know me but I know ur Mum & ur Dad. My little girl is 4.

She’s been fighting Cancer since she was 2.

Today she got the all clear and tomorrow we will start day 1 of her new life.

I wanted to say what fantastic work ur family do to support families like mine.

Your legacy lives on Shannon. People who never met you will speak ur name fondly.

Keep shinning brightly and letting ur family know that you are always with them.

Patti & Alan Thank you so much for your support over the last 26 Months.

Love u guys, Char, Ky, Tren, and a cancer free Ney xxxx


A beautiful letter from one of the families we have helped……… God Bless you all x