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New Wheelchair for Zak

new-wheelchair-zakThe Trust has been very happy to have been able to help buy a new Wheelchair for Zak Hall.

Zak is 2 years old and has severe spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy, which affects his entire body.

The new wheelchair has been a God send to his family and has all the support Zak needs to be as comfortable as he can.

Pictured: Zak in his New Wheelchair

New Shoes for Sophie

sophienewshoesSophie Godber has a life limiting condition called ”Congenital Muscular Dystrophy”

This is a life limiting, muscle wasting condition, she has to also have Specially designed shoes which are very expensive! Sophie’s mum Sarah contacted the charity and we were very happy to have been able to help.

You can read more about Sophie on her website…

Bike trailer Presentation
Bike trailer Presentation

The Trust presented little Aleksandria Baker age 6yrs with a special bike Trailer, Aleksandria suffer’s with the condition Rett Syndrome and the specially built bike trailer will help her to enjoy more family outings.

Presenting the bike trailer on behalf of the trust is Patron Pete Pinnington ( Wire FM ) Kieth Bradshaw (Trustee) & Patron Mike Wainwright ( Warrington Wolves ) with little Alexsandria and her mum Nicole.

Gift Presentatio for Ifnan
Gift Presentatio for Ifnan

Ifnan Aslam celebrating his 9th birthday with a little help from his friends.

Charlie Hale, Steve Arnold, and Ricky Hatton present Ifnan (from Manchester) with an xbox 360 and all the trimmings.

Ifnan was diognosed with cancer 9 months ago and will finish his treatment in may this year.

Ifnan presented Patti Bradshaw with a beautiful bouquet of flowers