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2003, 2013

I-Pad for little Ellie

Little 5yr old Ellie has a condition called Macrocephaly Capillary Malformation (M-cm) She was born with Vascular birthmark and Large head, and larger down one side of her body. We bought Ellie the I-Pad to

1903, 2013

Opening of the New Community Centre

The Opening of the new Shannon Bradshaw Community Centre. Lisa Appleton and Mario attended the opening. 18th March 2013 Lisa and Mario are patrons of the Shannon Bradshaw Trust, which is

1703, 2013

New Chair for Skye

We had great pleasure in delivering a new car seat for little 6yr old Skye, Skye has Cancer and has been thru an awful lot lately, But she was so happy with her new seat

702, 2013

Badge Design

Our Patron and good friend Steve Alce's son Luke won a competition in London to design a badge and WON, he then decided to have the money raised donated to our charity. Thank you so

702, 2013

The Shannon Bradshaw Community Centre

It is now offical!!!! we have our own community centre, The Shannon Bradshaw Community Centre.. Meeting Lane, Penketh Warrington WA5 2BG still some work to be done but moving smoothly, watch this space for our

701, 2013


FAMILY and friends of the Bradshaw family came together at the weekend for two reasons for a party. Shannon Bradshaw would have celebrated her 18th birthday on Tuesday and it is 10 years since the