Shannon Bradshaw Trust

Actor & Writer

I am so happy to have been asked to become a Patron of The Shannon Bradshaw Trust.

Now coming into its 20th year the help that Patti and Alan have given since they lost their own daughter began this charity is incredible and I felt inspired to join them helping raise awareness of Aplastic Anaemia and helping others when tragedy and difficulty hits a family.

There are a multitude of illnesses that children can suffer and the radar-reach for these is often minimal until they tragically come to knock on your own door. Having had my own child treated for a rare type of cancer I understand the huge desire to do something positive after such a difficult journey. I was one of the lucky parents and my boy got well but for those who don’t this Trust offers help in so many ways.

As a beautiful legacy to the memory of Shannon I am honoured to involved in helping however I can, and I hope you will too.