Shannon Bradshaw Trust

Hi Everyone.

We are now  in the process of raising money to help 8yr old Lewis Lee Carpentier from Warrington, who desperately needs a new wheelchair!

A GRANDDAD hopes to raise more than £6,000 for a new wheelchair after seeing his grandson’s face ‘light up’ the first time he tried an off-road chair.

Les Carpentier, of Forge Road, Great Sankey, says he would sell his soul to buy one of the hi-tech chairs and has enlisted the help of Patti Bradshaw and children’s charity the Shannon Bradshaw Trust to help raise the cash.

His grandson Lewis Carpentier, who is a Warrington Wolves south stand season ticket holder, has cerebral palsy and cannot walk.

During a camping trip three weeks ago with the 10th Warrington Cubs, based at St Mary’s Church, Great Sankey, a Cub leader suggested he try an off-road wheelchair during the trip.

Les, aged 63, said: “It gave him so much independence as rather than having to ask to be pushed somewhere he could do it himself.

“The light that came into that little boy’s eyes was brilliant being able to go off with his friends.”

A friend suggested Les get in touch with Patti Bradshaw who was more than happy to help.

Les said: “Once you meet Lewis he’s infectious.

“He’s the best supporter Warrington has got and has been watching them since he was four.”

Alongside Shannon Bradshaw Trust events, Les also hopes to raise cash with a race night and by holding car boot sales.

Patti said: “Les told us the difference in Lewis was unbelievable when he was using the new wheelchair.

“It gives him independence but I think Lewis also thought the new chair would stop his granddad from hurting himself.

“We would really like to be able to get Lewis the chair by Christmas and I know everyone in Warrington will help.”

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