Shannon Bradshaw Trust

New Pushchair for Dominik

The Trust has been delighted to have been able to purchase a Special New Pushchair for Little 2 yr old Dominik from Warrington. His parents Eli and Monica were over the moon as now they can enjoy going out shopping and for days out

I-Pad for little Ellie

Little 5yr old Ellie has a condition called Macrocephaly Capillary Malformation (M-cm) She was born with Vascular birthmark and Large head, and larger down one side of her body. We bought Ellie the I-Pad to help monitor her breathing, and she will be given a monitor from the hospital that plugs into the I-Pad, Ellie […]

New Chair for Skye

We had great pleasure in delivering a new car seat for little 6yr old Skye, Skye has Cancer and has been thru an awful lot lately, But she was so happy with her new seat and could wait to go out in the car to try it out. She was also over the moon with […]

Letter from Family

Chairman Green Hey Shannon, You don’t know me but I know ur Mum & ur Dad. My little girl is 4. She’s been fighting Cancer since she was 2. Today she got the all clear and tomorrow we will start day 1 of her new life. I wanted to say what fantastic work ur family […]

Lewis New Wheelchair

Lewis’s New Wheelchair finally arived on Christmas morning!! many Thanks go to Wire F.M for all their support and their ”Day For Lewis Appeal” And all the people from the North-West who very kindly made a donation to help Lewis get his new wheels!!

Wheelchair for Lewis

Hi Everyone. We are now  in the process of raising money to help 8yr old Lewis Lee Carpentier from Warrington, who desperately needs a new wheelchair! A GRANDDAD hopes to raise more than £6,000 for a new wheelchair after seeing his grandson’s face ‘light up’ the first time he tried an off-road chair. Les Carpentier, […]

Andrew Duffy

ANDREW’S NEW DOOR! After waiting for what seemed to be forever! Andrew finally has his new door! Andrew Duffy’s Electronic door has finally been installed after almost 18 months of waiting!!! Andrew suffers from a muscle wasting condition and is confined to a wheelchair, so this will take alot of the strain from him and […]

First family – FREE Holiday

Our First family have been booked in for their ‘Free Holiday’ in our Temporary Charity Static Caravan.. We are hoping through our fundraising this year to be able to purchase a New Charity Holiday Home! our aim is ……. March 2011


For 17 yr old Andrew Duffy: more details to follow….. Still waiting on the local council to see what funding they are putting into this project……??

New Wheelchair for Zak

The Trust has been very happy to have been able to help buy a new Wheelchair for Zak Hall. Zak is 2 years old and has severe spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy, which affects his entire body. The new wheelchair has been a God send to his family and has all the support Zak needs to […]